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Hey everyone - wanted to get this meeting together to discuss raiding and work out any kinks before we get going. This meeting is as close to mandatory as possible without being mandatory. If you have questions or suggestions and you don't show up, it's your fault that it doesn't get covered.

Monday, October 24th @ 9pm CST. I chose this time because everyone says mondays are good for them and this is mid-way through what would be raiding time.

I promise, no powerpoints.

- Tycanas

Bonus RP Event - Tonight

Tycanas a posted Oct 17, 16

Director Velrik is hosting a small RP event to wrap up events of last night. For anyone interested, show up on Tatooine base @ 8:30pm CST.

"I requested that Kasika and Kitanie make a sweep of the base and look for anything unusual, in particular any areas that Douglas had been, and any components he may have handled.  This request is open to any Katasi member, particularly those having any technical, computer, slicing, or mechanical skills."

Raiding: Season 1 Signups

Tycanas a posted Oct 17, 16

Welcome welcome one and all to the official raiding signup announcement! I realize this season we're going to be forming our first raid team in quite some time. Because of this time off I'm resetting the raiding (and RP for that matter) to Season 1 (otherwise we'd be at season 11 or something like that). For those of you that are new to raiding with us, we operate in "Seasons" these are 6 weeks where you can commit to a spot for raiding. You can read more about seasons and such here

Raid Ready - What does it take to raid with us? You can read about that here

Once you're done with reading, you can signup here

If you have any questions, you can post them here or you can take them directly to me.

- Tycanas

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